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Virginia Beach, Virginia
April 29 through May 2
Blumpkin Team Members:
Jeff Hess, Martin Carr, Dave Slifer, Jeff Brazinsky, Tracie Fischer, Shannon Lertora and Joan Ryan
Dirty Sanchez Team Members:
Derrick 'Dpod' Cheung, Kevin Ludlum, Skip Davis, Amber Obryan, Jim Sedlacko, Ed Mahayag, Theresa Tortkowski and Caroline Nash
Rusty Trombone Team Members:
Paul Dethlefson, Matt McIlvaine, Kevin 'KY' Lee, John Warner, Marie Silverstrim, Michelle McNeal and Jenny Carr
Video of 2010 DIGS Virginia Beach Fun Friends Weekend by Keven 'KY' Lee
Pictures of 2010 DIGS by Derrick 'Dpod' Cheung
2010 DIGS wrapup by Jim Sedlacko

By now all of us are probably back at home and work after a fantastic Digs weekend. I find myself chuckling and actually laughing out loud when I relive some of the hilarious things that happened. Digs always seems to bring the best out of people and this year was no exception. The Digs "regulars" would like to recognize and thank our newbies, Shannon, Marie , Amber, Caroline, Kevin (who I mistakedly called Mike numerous times on the court) and Jeff. Two Kevins and two Jeffs?! Thank God we named Kevin KY last year and Kevin Brooks is fathering or it would have been quite confusing. Both Jeffs were on team Blumpkin but I have no idea how they worked that out. Its funny how every year somebody usually gets a nickname that sorta sticks all weekend (and probably longer). This year, Amber by way of Shannon got the label "Butterfly." Let me explain. Shannon and I were in serve recieve. They served a screamer across the net, I yelled "YOURS!" to Shannon and I heard her sing, "Oh look, a butterfly." and begins skipping after it. Sorta like how something shiny on the court always distracts Martin when he's playing. For some reason, the name Butterfly got given to Amber though. Probably because she stepped on it and dragged Shannon back onto the court. It worked out best that way because after Amber would roof block some guy, he felt bad enough but then we had to rub salt in their wound when he hears us all say, "Nice block Butterfly!" He's thinking "Dammit, I just got blocked by a chick called Butterfly!" Anytime Amber would block a guy, team Dirty Sanchez would all do our happy dance. Compliments of Sweaty Eddy. While walking around I seriously heard a guy from one of the teams at our net tell his teammate, "Don't get blocked by that chick. The whole team does some sort of dance." Another year went by without any sister teams playing one another. It would have attracted an open crowd for sure if it ever happens. Dirty made it to the semis and lost a close one 15-17. Rusty Trombone also dropped a close game in the semis. Blumpkin had some post Friday night issues on their court and didn't fare too well. Dave gets the award for Most Hungover, I think Joan had more blocks and hits out of the middle than Dave did. Just wondering...............when did JBA start blocking? More wondering..........will he ever block again? Opponents were always jealous and curious as to why our teams had so many fans cheering them on. Now that's cool.

Fore!!! The annual Digs A Divot Golf tournament was a huge success. Sunny and 70's. Dave put together the teams and at first, it looked like he was going to pay dearly for putting Melly, Trace, Dpod and Skip in a foursome. It took them 20 minutes to finish the first hole.(and then they started golfing, HIYOOOOO). Dave and I were standing on the t box and the four of them were finally on the green. Trace musta made a great putt cause her and Melly started jumping up and down on the green. Traci and Melly jumping............Dave said, "I'm goin down there." Altough, we had Jenny in our threesome ;). She made a nice putt and I cheered, "Jump up and down Jenny, jump up and down!" "Jim, I got a 14 on that hole." Dave started jumping up and down saying "You can check out my moobs!" There were balls flying everywhere, shafts being gripped, holes being rimmed. In the end, we were all sitting around the clubhouse poking fun at one another and enjoying some cold brews. Our conversation at the table was at times a bit "colorful" and to make matters worse about 20 little schoolgirls came in for a little golfers gathering. Skip was weaving vulgarities not knowing that there were 40 virgin ears right behind him. JBA, who said he practically invented pig latin told Skip to "exnay on the fuckfay and bitchbay Skip ." You own pig latin JBA. Its like when you sightsaw in China. Back to the campsite.

Friday night the last of the campers came straggling in all itchingbay about the traffic. Dpod's Ppod crates were cracked open and steak salad was served and round 1 of the T shirts came out. Somebody asked me where I got my "Martin is So Gay" T shirt and I told them that I had it custom made on a website. Jenny wondered if I got it straight off of the shelf. I happened to be directly in front of the spot that Martin pulled into when he arrived at 9:30 at night, his high beams shining directly on my T shirt. Now that is a welcoming. Thanks for being a good sport Mdog and Jenny. I love you guys.

After our play on a rather hot windy Saturday, most of us stood in line to take a nice comfy cold shower. somebody commented that the water was supplied by a local glacier. If you did happen to luck out and get hot water it came dribbling out like a sippy cup. It took Joan 2 hours to get wet. She should see a doctor about that. Speedies hot off the grill and a quick judged T shirt contest ensued. The winner? Matt, with his cut off ZERO shirt that fit a 10 year old. Not a 200 plus pound man. He was a sport though and went walkabout with it on. The newest addition to the Digs experience was a stripper pole. Somebody had one set up in their campsite. We all gathered around that pole like it had magic powers. They should have called it a wishing pole because basically it was surrounded by 200 drunk guys wishing a girl would get on it and do her stuff. It was kinda lame. As far as I know, Jenny was the only one from our group to jump on it for a quick pic. Just behind the wishing pole was the ever so popular ice luge. The luge was manned by two hotties dishing out shots of cheap licker. Some guy in a cowboy hat jumped up on the truck with the girls and started dry humping one of them. The humping was exhuberant enough that they hit into the big block of ice and it slid off of the ramp and onto the dirt ground. They picked it up, put it back on the ramp, poured beer over it to clean it off and bingo, back in business. Kids would do anything for free shots of cheap liquor. Of course we had a few gals flash some boobies while we were there. Thank god it wasn't Dave's moobs. Skip (a really drunk Skip) was leading us all to the tent party later in the night. He knew "exactly" were it was. He took us through the slums of the campsite, dark, dreary,eyes peering out of tents, dead quiet, until Skip falls into a drainage ditch, comes out the other side with only one sandal on. The other got pulled off deep down in the gooey black muck. Not fazed, Skip just dipped his foot deep into that goo, swished it around and came up with a stinky sandal. Hey guys, whats the first thing we look for when we have to take a wiz and we dont want to hike to the restroom? That's right, any ol ditch will do. I dont' want to think what Skip got between his toes. Well, back to the stripper pole (still a wishing pole). Chatted with a few players that we played against and they all told us that they googled our team names and were cracking up. One of the girls did a Rusty Trombone on her boyfriend right there in front of us! A quick trip to the massive moon bounce at 3am by JBA, Jeffe, KY and a couple gals finished the night.


Dpod and Skip for fantastic food preparation. Also Skip for leaving a DNA sample at the campsite. Skin from his run in with Dpods hauler. Skip looked like he got attacked by a grizzly.
Me for grilling.
Dave for the Friday morning breakfast.
KY for presenting Dpod with and I Love BJ t shirt (BJ being Beijing) On the back it said Team Asia, cause this is how we woll.
Amber and Cory for bringing 30 pounds of fresh tomatoes for the steak salad.............2 hours after we all ate steak salad.
T Bag and P Bag for just letting us call them that.
Pierces BBQ for supplying us with succulent pig on Sunday.
Our boys from the military who kept us up til 1am Thursday night with jet fighters screaming overhead. Dpod thought they were in strict violation of the campsites quiet time.

Kat and Kevin
So another digs is under our belts. I am sure I missed alot of other goings on that are worth mentioning but this newsletter is getting long enough. What a great group of kids! Mark the first weekend of May on next years calendar! If you didn't make the Digs Wrapup, youre not trying hard enough. Better luck next year.

Jim Sedlacko
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