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Germantown, Maryland
February 5th through 11th
Washington's Metro Area receives blizzard conditions with 20 to 36 inches after last weeks seven inches on Saturday and an additional six inches on Tuesday. Digging out was good and driving out around town was fun. Picked up the in-laws in the 4Runner after their power failed in their neighborhood. They'll be staying us for a night and Rebecca and Susan are making the Nealy's chili for tonight's dinner. We are sitting, relaxing and watching tv while the weather passes.
Power was restored at the Sahm's house and digging out was a exercising. Everyone helped in clearing the driveway and the steps to the house. Weather today was perfect for skiing but unfortunately we where here digging out. Super bowl parties tonight with Saints and Colts. Roads are still bad in the some area and freezing temperatures will freeze any water on the roads which will make driving very bad. GO SAINTS!!!

Round Two - An additional 14 inches of snow fell today breaking the all time record in the DC area of 54.4 inches back in 1898 with 54.9 inches and growing. Today we only shoveled the driveway and our neighbors walkway. We also broke the five foot wall of snow leading to the road because the plows plowed in the corner of the street. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll see some sun to help with the snow removal.

NEW Record of 55.6 inches for Washington's area, the Snowmageddon. Dig out has been completed with sunny skies clearing up the roads. We are Stayin' Alive in Germantown. Germantown has received over 60 inches.
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