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Santa Barbara, California
September 10th through 14th

A Naples American High School reunion and birthday celebration for Gia and Karen's 40th. Susan 'Bazar' Baker and Helen 'Allen' Warmath were also in attendance for the celebration. This mini reunion was incredible since I had not seen Susan and Helen since the eight grade. Helen was gracious enough to bring out some pictures of those days with our eighties hair cuts and big collars. WOW... that was something. We all looked so young and innocent without a care in the world. I guess we did pretty well for ourselves. It seemed to me that even though the number of years that had passed we were able interact with one another as it was yesterday. Our memories grew stronger with comments like remember when... and someone else would fill in the blanks. I guess turning 40 is a big deal but as I told the girls which are now women it's only how you feel inside that count. Your heart and sole will always be young if you allow it too. We laughed, drank, told stories and danced our way through the Santa Barbara bars and vineyards while all along we knew that our time would come to an end but not without additional memories stored away in our hearts and mind. Thanks all who came and special thanks to Helen, Ava and Paul for their hospitality in having an evening at their house. One more thanks, to Paul and Rebecca for putting up with our craziness. Happy Birthday Gia, Karen, Helen and Susan!!! I'm still 25 at heart.
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